Honey Mahogany

A Social Justice Democrat for the Democratic County Central Committee

A leader who is fighting everyday for a more just and equitable San Francisco: fighting for affordable housing; championing small business; standing with teachers, nurses, and labor; protecting our environment; and making sure that everyone has a place in the Democratic Party.

Honey talks with Queerty about San Francisco

Honey talks about why she loves San Francisco, and how she with community to save the Stud.

Why Honey's Running


It's important that everyone has a seat at the table. If folks don't have a seat, then more often than not, they end up on the menu. If elected, Honey will be the first trans / gender non-conforming person of color ever elected in San Francisco and the State of California. 

With the ongoing violence and discrimination experienced by trans women of color every day, it's incredibly important that we have people like Honey on the SF DCCC.

Proven Track Record

As a founder of the Compton's Transgender Cultural District and of the Stud Collective; co-owner of the Stud Bar; producer of Black Fridays and Mahogany Mondays; a former President of the Harvey Milk LGBTQ Democratic Club; and an appointed member of the San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee (SF DCCC) Honey has a proven track record of effective leadership and of creating real, lasting, positive change.

But why the DCCC?

The Democratic Party claims to be about inclusivity and diversity, and yet poor folks, LGB and trans folks, and people of color often times don't feel welcome or heard making them less likely to engage in local elections or vote. 

Honey has made it a priority to increase outreach and engagement with these communities, so that the San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee can do the work and reflect the diversity stated in its values.

Get involved!

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